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One of the things that inspires me to do better is this one app that I downloaded a while ago, called Calm.

Calm has opened my eyes to many things, which is funny to say because it is mainly about Meditating, yet this app has the power to relax me, calm me and even to put me to sleep!

Currently I am on a 33 day streak, which is the furthest I have ever gotten! Yayyy!! I place a reminder on the app to let me know its time to meditate at 8am, that way I will never forget.

From there, I select which ever sound I want in the background to play during my meditation (currently my favorite is the Fireplace and Plains of Wheat).  Once I select my sound, I have the choice of picking the Daily Calm meditation which is new everyday or I could pick from a list of choices that they have. You can choose a Program such as 7 Days of Calm or 7 Days of Self-Esteem or you can pick a unguided/guided meditation to do. In the mornings I like to use the Daily Calm meditation but if I use Calm any other time of the day, I like to pick a guided meditation, such as 5 minutes of Calming Anxiety or 10 minutes of Returning to Now.

There is honestly so much to choose from, I seriously love this it!

The only little downside to this is that you do have to pay for this app. Ugh, sorry I know that part sucks but this app has helped me during moments where I felt my anxiety creeping up to take control and ruin my day. You can use some of the app for free but to get the rest of the good stuff, you will have to pay, and truthfully, this is the only app I would ever pay for!

One way this app has changed me is by my thinking, I use to be a more negative thinker, always thinking something terrible is going to happen and everything is bad and etc. Through with Calm, I know learn how to appreciate my life. One day I made myself a smoothie which included blueberries, when drinking my smoothie the blueberry skin bits got stuck in-between my teeth and I notice as soon as I sat down at work! Terrified to talk to a customer and annoyed that I have to pick blueberries out of my teeth I got upset and started thinking negatively, till my brain remembered the morning Daily Calm we just did which switched my thinking to “you are lucky you have teeth, you are lucky to have access to fruits, you are lucky to not have a serious problem but just this little silly one at the moment”. It made me stop and just smile, I am blessed and I shouldn’t get upset over this!

So after I quickly picked the rest of the blueberry bits out, I went on to appreciating the rest of my day and now anytime something little problem comes up, I look at it that way and it has made me into a more positive person.

So thank you Calm!

Give it a try and download Calm, let me know what you think! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Calm’s Website

(Not sponsored, just really love & use this app daily!) ♥
(Photo’s used are screen shots taken from my phone while on the app)
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