The Weekenders!

The Weekenders by Mary Kay Andrews

(this review has spoilers, read at your own risk)
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So this this book is one of my favorite light reads even though it is 464 pages long! (Not complaining, I love long books) I actually listen to this book on the AudioBook app but personally I really enjoy this book so soon I am going to purchase it.

A little background information which I pulled online from different sites (honestly, I just googled her), Mary Kay Andrews is a New York bestseller author, she use to be a reporter, she loves going to the thrift stores, junk sites and flea markets around where she lives. She is also married to her high school sweetheart which is totally adorable! Personally, she seems like someone I would get along with.

Now with the Weekenders, I think what makes me love the book is the fact it seems to have everything all wrap up in it, it has a mystery, a murder, betrayal/drama, romance & some humor. Kind of like having your cake and being able to eat it too, haha!

So it starts off with the character Riley Griggs, (soon to be Nolan again) whose going to her summer house on this island where her mother and brother also lives. She’s going there with her daughter, Maggie, their dog and is suppose to meet her estrange husband who is soon to be her ex.

The weekend was suppose to be Riley and Wendell getting together to let their only daughter know that they are divorcing unfortunately but sadly thats not how it goes. Wendell does not show up at all and poor Riley just gets bad news after bad news. Her summer house is foreclosed on, her bank accounts are basically empty with at least $1,000 left inside, her trust fund which had her husbands name attached to the account was also practically empty!

Now on this island, Bell Isle, where her summer house is, belongs to her family. Riley’s father owned the island and sold off some land before but still own a good amount. Her father was the typical old school father who believes that ladies can’t even seem to jump over a puddle if they needed too. He put Wendell’s name on his daughter accounts and handed the family business over to Wendell instead of handing it to over to his son because his son is gay. Now with Wendell, he also worked under Riley’s father and chased Riley till she gave in to go on a date with him. He is your typical smooth talker/scumbag.

Though out the book, Riley finds out her husband was murdered, her bank accounts are almost empty, her husband pulled out loans on their summer house and that her husband also was buying up as many properties as he can. She figures out that Wendell also borrowed money from her mother and her brother which he basically blackmails him to giving him money.

Riley also ends up falling again for a guy named Nate which she use to date but broke things off with because he embarrassed her during a party when they were younger but Riley then figures out that Nate now owns a good amount of the properties on Bell Isle and is planning on building some new buildings which upsets Riley because she does not want things to change on the island or have things ruined.

While she is figuring out where she stands with Nate, Riley and her best friend go on the hunt to figure out what Wendell was up to, who was he seeing and what he actually was doing. They discover that Wendell was most likely cheating on Riley with a banker who helped him pull out loans and forge Riley’s signature. While Riley is dealing with her once again lover Nate, trying to solve what her ex husband was doing, she also has to deal with her angry young daughter whose causing problems and her mother who believes Wendell was an angel.

As Riley narrows in on what exactly her husband was doing by sneaking around his office and sneaking into his mistress house, there is a hurricane soon hitting the island forcing everyone to evacuate, but before they evacuate all the left over secrets spill out right on the dinning room table where it is announced who murdered Wendell!

I didn’t expect it to be who it was which I won’t say who it is here just incase you actually read the book and want to figure it out yourself!!

Overall, out of a rating from 1-10 (10 being perfect) I would give it a solid 8.

It is a prefect beach read and a book to read when you want something light.

Right now I am currently reading another one of Mary Kay Andrew books, called “Ladies’ Night”. A review will be up on that book as soon as I finish it.

So did you guys read the book? Do you like it? Hate it? Or Undecided? Let me know what you think! 🙂

(Not sponsored, audiobook was purchased with my own money)





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