Audio Book?

Hello everyone!

Sorry I have been gone for a while, I’ve been trying to fix up my blog and make it functional! Check out my Inspiration section where I will post things that inspirer me from day to day!

Now, lets talk about Audio Books….

You love them? Or you hate them? Or are you undecided?

For me, I LOVE THEM! When I am at work, I have to be hands on and have my attention available for the customer at any minute so audio books save the day for me!

I just open the app on my phone, which I use the Audiobooks app, and select which ever book I am reading at that moment, plug in my headphones (keep one ear free just incase) and boom, I am basically reading a book while working at the same time!

With working 5 days a week, that typical 9-5, using Audiobooks makes me feel calmer instead of listening to music, makes me actually more productive as well! Plus with working, its hard to be able to sit down, relax and read a long novel. Audiobooks just make it easier.

Do you count it as “reading” or no? I do, because if I had time to read that book myself, I would have!

This app though makes it very easy to use, you can sample any book first before purchasing it. It also shows a line up of all of your books along with the wishlist of what books you saved to check out later! I love that you can click on your favorite authors name and see all of the books they wrote in one section. They have tons and tons of books on here even the most newest ones that just came out. This app was a score to me!

Currently I am reading……The Weekenders by Mary Kay Andrews

Mary Kay Andrews is one of my favorites as a light enjoyable read. This is the second book I am reading (or should I say listening) from her.

Do you have any book suggests? Leave a comment down below and I will check it out! I am always on the search for new books to read/listen too!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful day! ♥

Check them out at AudioBooks

(Not sponsored & screenshots were taken from my phone)



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